Congratulations Caitlin Taylor

Caitlin Taylor

Caitlin Talyor (’12) has earned her PhD in Materials Science & Engineering from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville!

She is now working at Sandia National Laboratories, in the ion beam laboratory in Albuquerque.

In the ion beam lab, I am using in-situ TEM to study the effects of radiation damage on materials being considered for nuclear applications.  We can irradiate TEM samples with various heavy ion beams (e.g. Au, typically ~2 MeV range for in-situ experiments, used to simulate neutron irradiation damage, for example) and gas (e.g. He, typically keV range) beams and take videos during the irradiation to study damage evolution as a function of time/damage dose/gas concentration.

Congratulations Caitlin!

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