Summer of STEM: Movie Making 2.0

This summer we’re hearing from our amazing camp staff. Our Hope College students do the heavy lifting of planning, prepping, and teaching our hands-on camps all summer long! Each week, 2-3 student staff members will recap a camp they’ve led and share tips on how to keep the fun going at home!

Hello everyone, welcome to my ExploreHope Blog Takeover! I’m John Kim, and I am one of the leaders for the Explore Hope camps this year. I will be a sophomore majoring in Science Secondary Education. Due to COVID-19, I wasn’t able to go back home (Thailand) this year but through this opportunity, I am blessed to share my love for science with our wonderful campers!

Did you know? Because video editing and filming are becoming a trend these past years, multimedia has become a recognized tool for education. For several of my projects and exams, I have created podcasts and videos to express my creativity!

I was the lead instructor for the Movie Making 2.0 camp this year. The big overview of this camp was to create a 5-8 minute mini-movie with 12 middle school campers in 4 days. Of course, throughout the making of the film, we all got to learn about scripts, storyboards, and different types of camera shots. With the use of iMovie and the camera provided by the Hope Communication Department, we planned, filmed, and edited our videos!

My favorite part of this camp was when the campers got into their groups and discussed their ideas for their mini-movie. I could see all the campers getting engaged and fired up for their film day! You can definitely see their passion when they bring their props from home!  As an instructor who has seen all the processes of these camper’s movies, I was excited for them. The finale of the camp was presented through a showcase of the completed trailers and films which the parents could join through Zoom.  

Make your own movie at home!

One of the activities that we did on the first day of the movie-making camp was creating a storyboard. This is an easy activity that you could do to organize your own movie! You could simply print out a storyboard template and start your story by drawing and writing down each scene. This would eventually lead to a story that could be visualized which helps when filming the desired movie scenes. 

This activity could be more interesting if you tell your parent/guardian or siblings to fill out the first board. It is going to be your task to continue the story by using your creative minds! Are you ready to create your own storyboard?

Visit ExploreHope Summer Camps for more info. Although many of our camps are full, there are still openings for all ages. Scholarships are available for middle and high school students interested in environmental and engineering topics. Contact Lise at for more information, including questions about transportation options.

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