Celebrate Citizen Science Month!

It may be the month of April Fool’s Day, but it is no joke that it is also the month to celebrate Citizen Science! We are all invited to celebrate biodiversity with opportunities to do science, find community, and get out an explore the outdoors during this beautiful spring month. Scientists need people like you and me to help them develop innovative solutions. And to begin to think about science and the impacts it has on our lives everyday. The question is where do we begin? How can we make an impact on our world?

Whether you have knowledge of citizen science month or this is your first time learning about it; this year they are teaming up with SciStarter where you can view webinars, educational resources, and fun citizen science projects. Each week is a fun, new topic with great resources. From topics on challenges, such as pollution, climate change, habitat loss, or looking at the biological diversity such as plants, animals, and other organisms that live on our planet that help us survive.

At http://citizensciencemonth.org/ you can start to browse the event calendar on events online or in person! Take the next step and help make our world a better place! Make an impact and get outside to help your community. It starts with you.

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