ExploreHope Staff Stories: Science of Art

My name is Kate, and this week I had the joy of teaching Science of Art here at ExploreHope Science Camps. Throughout the week, we used science concepts like capillary action, hydrophobic and hydrophilic substances, and light/color, to make amazing art. Students got to explore how materials interact as they painted, created, and were encouraged to think outside the box. 

As we created projects during the week, students were able to keep their finished projects in anticipation of our Science of Art Exhibition at the end of the week. Families and friends were invited to come to our classroom where we had worked all week, where students were prepared by setting up all their finished work. Students could tell their friends and families how they created each piece of art and what the science behind each piece was.

Overall, this camp was a spectacular intersection between science and art. Students got creative, learned a lot, and were eager and enthusiastic about each and every project. 

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