Happy Teacher Appreciation Week!

May is a great time to appreciate our teachers! This year let’s make it easy for all of us to honor and thank our educators for their hard work and dedication to teaching our kids. Teacher appreciation week is from May 8th to May 12th this year. Plenty of time to come up with ideas to show gratitude. Of course in my opinion 5 days out of the year is just not enough to celebrate our wonderful teachers. Let’s take this week and more to appreciate the hard work over the school year by coming up with ideas to honor them.

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to show appreciation. You can buy a small gift or even start by writing a thank you card, email, or record a video message. Saying just a simple thank you goes a long way!

I know here at Hope College we appreciate out students who are studying education. We have education majors spend an entire summer with us! Teaching our K-12 campers in a variety of different camps in June and July! Without them we would not be able to run our ExploreHope Summer Science programs.

Thank you to all of our educators in our community and beyond!

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