Anchor Camp 2021

All ages worked together to build the Ultimate Marble Coaster at One Big Weekend’s inaugural Anchor Camp!

Imagine you’re a kid, and your parents announce, “Next weekend, we’re going to our college reunion!” Cue moans, groans and general malaise. Think college reunions are fun only for adults? Not when ExploreHope and the Hope Alumni Office are involved!

Hope College’s One Big Weekend was chock-full of excitement for all ages! From a Donut Run 5k to pumpkin decorating in the Pine Grove (not to mention about a million edge-of-your-seat sporting events including the Homecoming football game against Adrian College!), kids had plenty to do to keep busy on Hope’s beautiful campus. But this year boasted a special addition to the kid-friendly line-up: Anchor Camp!

ExploreHope, Hope College’s premier K-12 academic outreach office, pulled some of our most popular activities from Hope Summer Science Camps to make this one-night-only mini-camp for kids. Outdoor nature scavenger hunt? Check! Marble roller coasters? Check! The BEST fluffy slime? Check!

While parents zipped off to their 1, 10, and 20 year reunions, our summer staff members returned to host this incredible event. Their enthusiasm, expertise and experience made Anchor Camp a night to remember. “I don’t want to leave!” one kid moaned as their parents picked them up.

One Big Weekend 2021 might be over, but don’t worry – all the fun will return next year, including Anchor Camp!

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