Prayer of an Irish Hare


Dear Precious Lord,

God of giddy stars and gallant hillsides.

I give thanks for allowing wee squeaks such as mine

to fall on sweet ears such as yours.

Thank you, for whiskers, as tough as farm cats.

Thank you, for paws, as swift as country deer.

Thank you, for ears, as spacious as seashells.

Bless your hand, for it’s as safe and wiry as a thicket.

Bless your love, for it’s as doting as a lapping wave.

Bless your peace, for it smells of scrumptious shoreline moss.

Would you forgive an eejit1 like me,

on the days when I’ve sung near Tech Duinn?2

Would you forgive an eejit like me

and spin yarns of faith on my skin?

Be with my kits, in their birth and hereafter.

Be with my mate, grant her hay, grant her laughter.

Only guide me towards gardens

that give your name glory, if you’ll

rinse every fear that claws at my story.

I truly believe in your power to mend.

I truly believe in your power to tend.

In the name of the Father,

In the name of the Son,

In the name of the Holy Ghost,


Samuel Vega ‘22 is majoring in Creative Writing and minoring in Spanish. He is from Holland, MI. We thank Dr. Pablo Peschiera (English) for his involvement with Samuel’s piece.

1  Eejit: (Irish Slang) A more lighthearted version of the word “idiot”.

2 Tech Duinn: (Proto-Celtic) A mythical island gathering place of departed souls.

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