The Bell Tower is an interdisciplinary, ecumenical, undergraduate journal of Christian thought at Hope College.

We are a student-led group that publishes pieces that promote the intersection between academia and the Christian faith.

Our first edition was released last spring where you can read it here.

Our Mission

The Bell Tower aims to foster deep Christian thought at Hope College, to nurture a loving, ecumenical community of scholars and artists, and to engage with Christ in every square inch of his creation. On these pages, undergraduates can integrate historic Christian faith with academic learning while cultivating and promoting wisdom, wonder, beauty, and joy, thus bringing glory to Christ and encouraging true Spera in Deo.

Our Faith

We uphold Scripture as the true, inspired Word of God, and we affirm the central tenets of the Christian faith to be those expressed in the Apostles’ Creed and the Nicene Creed.