Editor in Chief: Lydia Harrison

Lydia is a senior at Hope College (’23) and is studying biblical studies, classical studies, philosophy, and communication. She is a TA for FYS and Greek classes, a student representative for the Religion department, a cellist in a Chapel quartet, and a research assitant for Dr. DeJong. She believes that since “Christ is the source and center of all reality, the truest academic pursuits must be those which make space for Christ’s Lordship.” The Bell Tower creates a space for her to encourage writers and readers to recognize the “glory of Christ and the centrality of his truth in whatever they do.”

Managing Editor: Sander Owens

Sander is a junior (’24) majoring in classical studies and philosophy, and minoring in mathematics. He works as a research assistant at the Frost Center, co-president of Philosophy club, and is an accompanist in the Music Department. He believes in the “ecumenical and interdisciplinary community of Christian thought that the Bell Tower” fosters.

Natural Sciences Editor and Photographer: Sarah Stevenson

Sarah is a senior (’23) studying biology and religion. She has been involved in research in biology, volunteering at Holland Hospital, photographer of The Anchor, and she is a tutor. She believes that The Bell Tower bestows an outlet for Hope Students and faculty to display Christ’s love through writing; the Hope College community is gifted the opportunity to glorify God by displaying His works through the arts, humanities, social sciences, and natural sciences.

Social Sciences Editor: Margaret Boyce

Margaret is a junior (’24) studying political science and Global French studies. She is involved in Nykerk and the French club. She joined The Bell Tower because Christianity can and should affect every part of our lives including undergraduate research and academia. This is especially important for those who are Christians.

Humanities Editor: Ava Arendt

Ava is a sophomore (’25) majoring in Global French, philosophy, and classics. She is a part of the francophone club, Markets and Morality, and bible study. She believes that “when we learn and apply ourselves to the study of God’s created order, we are able to uniquely worship his artistry and power in new ways.” The Bell Tower is one way for this to be done.

Fine Arts Editor: Aidan Charron

Aidan is a junior (’24) who is studying Christian history and theology, philosophy, and classical studies. He is a play morale coach for Nykerk, plays intramural tennis, and is a TA for the philosophy department. He is excited that Hope has its own academic journal to support the student body being intentionally Christocentric.

Stylistic Editor: Grace Gruner

Grace is a senior (’23) majoring in creative writing and minoring in religion and peace and justice. She is the Features editor at The Anchor, a member of the Alpha Phi Zeta sorority, and a barista at Uncommon Coffee Roasters. She believes that The Bell Tower’s mission “is very reminiscent of Hope College as a whole—dedicated to academics but rooted first in biblical values.

Website and Marketing Managers: Therese Joffre

Therese is a junior (’24) studying chemistry. She is the campus leader for the Ford Leadership Forum, the Opinion editor at The Anchor, a part of Hope Republicans and Hope Catholics, a TA for chemistry and kinesiology, and a tutor. She believes in the true intersectionality between scholarship and faith where The Bell Tower propagates that mission on campus.

Production Manger: Cassidy Lusk

Cassidy is a senior(’23) studying studio art and English. She is a Geek Life board member and an active Opus contributor when not at The Bell Tower. Cassidy joined the team because she loved the wide variety of academic disciplines that all acknowledge God’s works and the wonders of His creations.