Editor in Chief & Humanities Editor: Aidan Charron

Aidan is a senior (’24) and is majoring in Christian History and Theology, and Philosophy. He is also involved in Nykerk Play Morale and Lilly Scholars. Aidan joined The Bell Tower because he wanted to be a part of an organization that supports Christian scholarship.

Managing Editor: Noel Vanderbilt

Noel is a junior (’25) majoring in Creative Writing and Political Science. She is a Markets and Morality member, a Tour Guide, an OPUS author, and a Visiting Writing Series Intern. She joined the team because she is passionate about exploring the intersection between faith and academics.

Consulting Editor & Social Sciences Editor: Margaret Boyce

Margaret is a senior(’24) studying political science and Global French studies. She is involved in Nykerk and the French club. She joined The Bell Tower because it is an excellent opportunity to seek understanding and ultimately compassion from a Christian academic perspective.

Fine Arts Editor: Claudia Hwang

Claudia is a sophomore (’26) who is studying English Literature. She is the publication manager and copyeditor for The Anchor, and is heavily involved with the Theater Department. She joined the team to gain more experience in the publication industry, and to work with pieces and writers that followed the Christian faith.

Stylistic Editor: Piper Daleiden

Piper is a senior (’24) majoring in English and Psychology. She is also involved in Hope Catholics, running club, dance marathon, and is the editor for the English department blog. Piper joined The Bell Tower because it offers an example of how Christians can and should recognize their faiths and then integrate them into their daily lives.

Website and Marketing Managers: Therese Joffre

Therese is a senior (’24) studying chemistry. She is the co-President of the Ford Leadership Forum, the Opinion/News editors at The Anchor, President of Hope Republicans, a TA for chemistry and kinesiology, and researches. She believes in the true intersectionality between scholarship and faith where The Bell Tower propagates that mission on campus.