Congratulations on your 45-year reunion! We found some great photos of your time on campus. Do you have photos and memories to share? Email and we’ll add to this gallery.

The classes of ’75 and ’76 took victory in the Pull as sophomores.
Hope College gives Governor William Milliken an honorary degree.
In 1976 Dr. Stephen Hemenway takes over the Vienna Summer school program. In the past 45 years, over 2600 students have participated in the program under his leadership.

Historical/News/Pop Culture Highlights
Apple Computer Company was founded in 1976 by Steve Jobs.
Jimmy Carter wins the Presidential Election in 1976.
’75 World Series: Cincinnati Reds
’76 World Series: Cincinnati Reds
’75 Super Bowl: Pittsburgh Steelers
’76 Super Bowl: Pittsburgh Steelers
Jaws was released.
Popular TV Shows include: SNL, Happy Days, MAS*H.
America celebrated its 200th birthday!

Now and Then: Prices
Gas – Then: $.75 and Now: $2.37
Tuition – Then: $2,370 and Now: $36,000
Room and Board – Then: $1,180 and Now: $10,940
McDonald’s Cheeseburger – Then: $.037 and Now: $1.79
Number of Hope Students – Then: 2,198 and Now: 3,060

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  1. I was just curious if anyone was a friend of Elizabeth Schlegel (Robyn)(1953-2013), class if 1975.

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