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In September of 1967, Dykstra Hall was completed.
Gordon J. Van Wylen was elected ninth president of Hope College; inaugurated, October 13, 1972.
Hope College hosted the March to Hope. A program that paired Hope students with underprivileged kids on a 4-day hiking adventure.
The Class of ’71 were victorious in the Pull as both Freshman and Sophomore pullers.
The Class of ’71 won Nykerk their freshman year.

Athletics Highlights
Ray Smith was hired in 1970. He served as the head football coach for 25 seasons. He also coached wrestling, baseball, and golf. In his career he has 148 football wins. The Hope’s football stadium is named after him.
Hope College was at the beginning of their 11 years losing streak to Calvin.

Student Life Highlights
Plans and building began for the DeWitt Cultural Center by President Calvin Vanderwerf.
Mary Jane Gold gifts Hope College the Gold Estate on Lake Macatawa.
October 1969, Student Congress hosted a Moratorium for students and faculty to voice their opinions on the Vietnam war. Reverend Raymond Pontier came and spoke and the Pine Grove turned into a “battlefield” to remember those who lost their lives in the war.
The Wintercarnival finally had enough snow for events like Women’s Broomball and Men’s dog sledding.

Historical/News/Pop Culture Highlights
In April of 1970, The Beatles officially broke up and released their last album “Let It Be.”
The Apollo 13 Mission Launched to space bringing three astronauts on board.
The Kansas City Chiefs won the Super Bowl and the Baltimore Orioles won the World Series in 1970.
The Baltimore Colts won the Super Bowl and the Pittsburgh Pirates won the World Series in 1971.
In March of 1971, the 26th amendment was passed which lowered the voting age to 18.
Walt Disney World officially opened to the public in 1971.

Now and Then: Prices
Gas – Then: $.40 and Now: $2.37
Tuition – Then: $885 and Now: $36,000
Room and Board – Then: $495 and Now: $10,940
McDonald’s Cheeseburger – Then: $.033 and Now: $1.79
Pack of gum – Then: $.08 and Now: $1.09
A loaf of bread – Then: $ .16 and Now: $ 2.58
Number of Hope Students – Then: 2,071 and Now: 3,060

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