ExploreHope and the Office of Sustainability are recruiting Hope College students who love the outdoors and want to share their enthusiasm with area k-12 students. We are looking for students to help nurture environmental stewardship through peer mentoring and volunteerism in our educational programs.

Students, if you are interested in being contacted when we have events happening, please complete this Google Form.

1st-5th grade students from all over West Michigan came together on Saturday, October 10th to learn about Fibonacci and symmetry, plus many more patterns, all as it relates to nature. 

To read about one of our recent programs, check out this blog post from ExploreHope. “Which came first, the chicken or the egg? Okay, that’s an old riddle perplexing minds for ages, but here’s a better one: Which came first, math or nature? Nature, of course! Math was invented to help us describe all the amazing patterns, quantities, and complex features we find in nature. Elementary students got to explore ways math and nature work together at ExploreHope’s Environmental Stewardship Day.”