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Hey all!

Are you wondering about all the goings-on going on at Hope during the week? Here’s a glimpse of what my pals from Kollen 1 West and I have been up to:

Last Sunday, Sept. 15, it was Gloria’s birthday (she lives right across the hall from me!) So, three girls from my floor crammed into the tiny kitchen down the hall and baked a red velvet cake while the rest of us went to the Gathering, Hope’s Sunday night worship service. The cake was delicious, and the worship time was wonderful.

Gloria's Birthday
Here’s ten of us celebrating Gloria’s eighteenth birthday! (I’m the one in the green sweatshirt, and my roomie, Tessa, is the one in the gray sweatshirt in the middle of the doorway!)

Tuesday, Sept. 17, was three awesome events all rolled into one day. For one, it was my brother’s 17th birthday, second, I took my first college exam in Intro to Psychology, and third, it was the Hope vs. Calvin volleyball and soccer games in Grand Rapids.

I called my brother early in the morning to wish him a Happy Birthday then headed off to take my exam. I have to say, those five hours of studying the night before paid off in the end! I crammed all twelve chapters into my head — resulting in 17 pages of extra notes — and took the fifty multiple choice questions. Alright, I might have studied a little too much for this, but it went well, and I’m thankful for that.

Later that night, we all piled into my friend Sarah’s SUV to head to Grand Rapids to catch the volleyball game. Hope was selling t-shirts to support the Night of Nets, which each student could purchase for five dollars. The five dollars gave each student a free meal, transportation to the game (which we didn’t do because we had to finish classes first!), which were all awesome incentives, but to top it all off, purchasing the t-shirt also donated money to stop the spread of malaria. If you want more information about the Night of Nets, you can find it here:


Night of Nets
Here’s all of us with our Night of Nets t-shirts on to support putting a stop to malaria!

The rest of the week followed with classwork, worship time, a Friday night movie in the Kollen lounge, and an awesome coffee date downtown Holland at JP’s with a friend who lives in Dykstra.

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