Giving Thanks

What a great Thanksgiving break this has been! I ate WAY too much, didn’t do ANY homework, and had such a relaxing time. But, it made me think about the things I haven’t always been so attentive to this school year. I always need to remember that I am ever so grateful for them. So here it is! My Top Five:

5. My Clustermates – I have made some of the best friends at Hope. With my recent trip to Chicago, I’m reminded that it doesn’t get much better than what I have. These girls are caring, thoughtful, and full of spunk! 

The tree my roomates and I put up in our room!

4. My Roomates – I was seriously so blessed to have received the best housing assignment ever. My two roommates mean so much to me and I don’t know what I’d do without them! I’m looking forward to watching them grow and see our lives develop side by side.

3. An Education at Hope – I am loving classes and really seeing myself grow not only in academics but in beliefs. Hope has really helped me reassess my goals and formulate a great plan to get there!

2. My Family – Always supportive and ready to encourage me, my family is always there for me. I am so thankful for their love!

1. My God – He’s an Awesome God and has blessed me with so much!

Memories from Thanksgiving Break:

My sister and I fit our cat, Simba, into my stocking!

My grandma made delicious pies for Thanksgiving!

My sister and I enjoyed Chinese from our FAVORITE place. It’s tradition!

I hope your break was as splendid as mine! 


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