Chileans Speak the Hardest Spanish

Spanish is truly hard in Chile. I have to admit that my Spanish is not at the highest level at all, but Chilean Spanish is truly hard. There is a saying that, if one can learn to speak Spanish in Chile, than one can speak Spanish anywhere else in the world.

Again, keep in mind that this is from the perspective of a student who has a lot of room to improve in Spanish, but if I speak with a person from Columbia, Argentina, Peru or Spain, I can 8 or 9 out of 10 words. But when I speak with a Chilean, one speaks so fast and uses quite a lot vocabulary that is spoken only in Chile.

I think it very interesting to see how every country speaks differently and actually every country is very proud of their Spanish.

Adding to a what is specific to Chilean and Latin American people in communication is a personal space. In Europe, and especially United States people are used to having  a personal space, when they are in public spaces or just anywhere. People from Peru are leaving the last personal space. When one speaks with them, they are literally in one’s face. Chilean people are in between Europe or U.S. and Peru, but the difference is still really big. I can see or feel it in the subway, shopping store, or just on on the streets.

For example, I was buying yesterday a groceries and I was waiting in the line. Automatically, I left some space for the person in front of, but the person behind me was literally touching me with his shopping cart. It may not sound or seem that much of difference in words, but it really is.

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