Machismo Culture in Chile

Chilean culture has a lot of positives, like cuisine, optimism, tradition, happiness, dances and more, but like in every culture there are some faults, which are very obvious and culture of machismo is one of them.

For those who are not completely sure what is machismo culture, then let me briefly explain. It basically means an inequality between men and women, in the way that men are better (based of the case, smarter, faster or more efficient) then women. Which is absolutely wrong and I completely disagree, but it is a part of Chilean culture.

It also can mean that for example when men are saying that men do not cry. That is still considered as part of the machismo culture.

I have experienced it many times, but probably the most eye opening experience was when we got to study a restaurant for one class, which I will talk to later. Our goal is to study the restaurant and suggests improvements for them. This restaurant hires only men, as waiters, chefs, and barmen. There is zero women working there. We had the interview with the owner and we asked him, why does hire only men? He said, I am quoting, “Men are more efficient than women.” Our group made of me, American boy, German girl, and Belgium girl look at each other with a lot of surprise in our faces.

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