So, many of you have probably read Amanda’s blog. How exciting, right? Anyway, I just wanted to blog about our trek to America’s Dairyland. We were cordially invited by Amanda’s roomie, and one of my good friends, Hannah. Our destination: Green Lake, WI. It was a small, pretty community. Great place to vacation in the summer as well! So, our journey commenced by departing Hope around 5:00 PM. It takes about 5 hours to drive there. But why would we leave so late? Great question. We avoided the Chicago rush-hour. It’s the 3rd largest city in the U.S., so I would presume that there would be many cars. Although we avoided Chi-Town traffic, we encountered Holland traffic and road construction traffic. It was annoying, but whatever, right?

Then, we met Hannah’s dad in Chicago for dinner! Chicago is Hannah’s half-way point, so it was also a great place to stop. We went to a Szechuan restaurant. Szechuan is a region in China known for its cuisine. Anyway, her dad is CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) and has a Ph.D., so I bombarded him with nursing questions. After our delicious meal which consisted of large portions, we drove all the way to Wisconsin, and arrived around midnight central time.


Today was a fun packed day. We attended the Green Lake Harvest Festival. I thought this was pretty neat to see a community come together. I sampled TRUE Wisconsin cheese curds, which were so delicious (but gross at the same time). We also did some shopping and watched a parade. The Harvest Fest Parade was crazy. My bestie Amanda and I got string cheese from a lady dressed like a cow. The people on the floats threw candy, and I felt like a child, LOL. It was great to be away from school because school can get so overwhelming! Anyways, after a long day, it was back to our homework, dinner, movie, then bed.


Sunday was our last day in the Cheese State. We ate breakfast, walked around downtown Green Lake, bought Wisconsin souvenirs, and went to the birthplace of the Republican Party. I was so happy I got to go to this!! After our good-byes, it was back to Hope. I didn’t look forward the 1-hour loss, but we got Panda Express in Chicago so it was ok. But, when we got home, I was in time for my favorite TV show, REVENGE!

So, thats what happened this past weekend. Homecoming is this weekend, so there is more to come on that one! Make sure you follow me on Twitter, ok? CLICK HERE!

Oh, and here are some PHOTOS!

Here's my best friend!
Here’s my best friend!
Birthplace of the Republican Party. I felt patriotic! USA!
Birthplace of the Republican Party. I felt patriotic! USA!
Cheesin' in the Cheese State
Cheesin’ in the Cheese State
Waterfront photo with the Queen.
Waterfront photo with the Queen.
Cheese curds!
Cheese curds!
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