As Told By Instagram (Part 2)

Hi everyone! I hope you’ve all had a lovely week so far! I am leaving to go to Indiana for my brother’s wedding tomorrow and I am so excited! I love being in Holland but I can’t wait to see my family and celebrate such a great day! In the meantime, I wanted to share some more pictures from school so far. These are all from my Instagram page!


September 9

For graduation, one of my most wonderfully influential high school teachers gave me this little print. I love to sing more than almost anything else, so this is just the perfect thing for me. I have it on my desk so I look at it every day and it’s a great reminder of my love for music (even when I’m frustrated) and also of one of the best ladies I know.


September 13

My cluster and the one next door, also known as our “sister cluster” or “cluster pair” (we share an RA), had a pizza and movie night together! It was great to unwind from a busy week and spend some time getting to know the girls I live with a little better!

Windmill Island

September 14

On a beautiful Saturday in September, the Phelps Dining Hall on campus closed for lunch so that we could all go out to Windmill Island to eat an outdoor lunch with Holland community members. It was really nice to get off-campus for an afternoon and go somewhere that was new to me! Windmill Island is so cute and I really enjoyed the beautiful day God blessed us with.

Jake Ousley

September 14

The same night, a church in Holland was hosting Jenny & Tyler, one of my favorite bands, and Jake Ousley, a YoungLife musician, opened for them. I got to talk to Jake and he was so nice and fun! It was a fantastic concert and I had such a great time! This was one of my favorite nights in Holland so far!


September 14

That day was just topped off with this. One of the girls in my sister cluster, Alicia, works at a bakery downtown and sometimes she gets to bring food back. She brought me this adorable, delicious little cupcake and it was so good, especially since I had been craving cake all day!

Willy Wonka

September 18

Both dining halls on campus had a Willy Wonka day at dinner one night. There was a chocolate fountain and so much candy. I was way too excited and I may or may not have overestimated how much candy I could eat in one sitting…

Progressive Sundae

September 18

Conveniently planned on the same day as Willy Wonka dinner to make sure that we all got our daily sugar intake, we had a progressive sundae night in Dykstra. We all started by getting a bowl of ice cream in the lobby and ┬áthere was a different topping in every cluster so everyone walked around and met all the RAs and some lovely ladies from other clusters! Dykstra is pretty big and there were a lot of clusters I hadn’t been in yet, so it was nice to see the whole dorm!

Live Mannequins

September 20

Downtown Holland had a Live Mannequin Night, so all the store windows downtown had people in them! The theme was children’s books, so stories like Where the Wild Things Are, Harold and His Purple Crayon, and The Chronicles of Narnia were all represented. This one at the Model Apothecary and Drug Store was my favorite: Caps For Sale!


September 21

I had this big empty space on the wall above my bed, so I printed out a bunch of pictures and hung them up! It was a bigger undertaking than I expected, but it was a good Saturday afternoon activity and I love the way it turned out!

Captain Sundae

September 25

While my parents were in town, I took them to Captain Sundae for their first time and we all really liked it! I got the Mermaid sundae, which has a warm donut in the bottom of it! Delicious.

I’ll cut it off here before this post gets way too long. I’ll have more pictures to share with you all soon!

Tomorrow one of the choirs I am in, Collegium Musicum, is singing at the Presidential Inauguration luncheon and then my aunt and uncle are picking me up to take me to Indiana for the wedding! I’m missing my first Hope Homecoming, but that’s okay since it’s for such a great reason. I’m looking forward to an awesome weekend! I hope you all are too!

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