Sun, Fun, & Florida!

Life is good. As I sit here and reflect upon the past week, I feel so incredibly blessed with the opportunities God has blessed with at Hope College. First of all, thanks to the kindness of our parents, Grace and I were able to spend winter break in Marco Island, Florida. We left on Thursday for Chicago and woke up at 4 am to fly to Florida on Friday morning. We arrived in Florida with the sun beaming down and palm trees lining the sidewalks.

We stayed at the Marco Island resort and spa. Our room was incredible, because we overlooked the pool and viewed the ocean. A typical day for us included waking up naturally around 10 am, working out in the fitness room, laying out reading some great books, swimming in the pools, meeting new people in the hot tubs, walking along the beach at sunset, cleaning up for the evening, enjoying a nice dinner together, walking around outside, then coming back to the room and chilling out before we fell asleep around 11:30 pm. Yes, the vacation was absolutely amazing. It was a great time to reflect, rest, and rejuvenate. Grace and I spent quite a bit of quality time together, and I really enjoyed every minute of the vacation.

During break I read a book called Kisses from Katie, and it is definitely opening my eyes. The book talks about Katie, who graduates from high school and ends up living in Uganda. She adopts 14 children while in Uganda and learns to rely on God for every need. I want to also learn to completely rely on God and serve His people. Hope College has been a great place for me to grow as a person and experience new opportunities and challenges. There are no words to describe the love and support from the people in the community here. I’m thankful to be here and am excited for new opportunities to arise.

Have a great day!  


 Drazing in the sand

On our sunset walk

The view from our hotel room

Published by Colleen Quick

My name is Colleen and I'm from Springfield, IL and am a Senior this year! I am studying International Business and Spanish. I have been involved with a variety of groups and activities on campus such as: Business Club, Student Alumni Leadership Council, Volunteer Services Committee, Student Congress, Mortar Board, Intramurals, HEI, Dance Marathon, and other activities. I love Hope College and the people here! So blessed to be living in Holland and attending Hope :]

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