Bustling through Break!

Winter break is over *sigh*. But, I have great news. Hope’s spring break is just a few days more than four weeks away. Looking for a school with great vacation time? Hope is it. Well, as long as you’re willing to work hard when you actually do have class.

What did I spend my time doing? Now that I think about it, not a lot. But I did get a chance to make it home for my mom’s birthday!! She turned 29! …oh wait….. hah. well…close I guess.

My sister and I decided to make her a cake and throw her a little party, although just with us (that’s enough of a party if you ask me).

Organic Chocolate Cake! -DELISH

My mom, party hat and all, with a heart-shaped, Valentines Day inspired cake!


On Monday, I had the awesome opportunity to present to two classes of AP Biology students at my high school, where I overviewed my first year at Hope specifically the research experiences I’ve been involved in. It was really fun to catch up with my joyful AP Bio teacher, Mr. Czarny, and talk to high schoolers! It’s crazy to think I was in their place just a year ago. College is definitely a time full of growth, change, maturity, and pure fun.

Of course Tuesday rolled around, and you know, Valentines Day hit. I’m not one particularly keen on Valentines Day, although I like that it gives us something to celebrate–LOVE!

I was surprised with my FAVORITE CANDY EVER. Do you like Nutella? Well, Ferraro Rocher’s chocolates are basically a hazelnut wrapped in nutella sprinkled with little nut pieces. The same company produces both! INGENIOUS. I’ve been enjoying these little morsels for well over 17 years. They are to die for.

I also got a cutsie little balloon.

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