Skiing at Bittersweet; bitter cold but super sweet

I am so excited that tomorrow is Friday. This past week flew. The week started off great because I went skiing with my friends at Bittersweet. I absolutely love skiing!!!! I went with Julie and Amy and Jenna’s family. The four of us drove there in the morning to meet her family at the ski lodge in the afternoon. Skiing was a lot of fun, especially with their family. It was also Julie’s first time skiing, and she did awesome. We skied down pretty much all the slopes and made it through the day injury free. However, a little girl collided into Amy and took her out. The little girl was skiing straight down the hill and nailed Amy from behind. Thankfully Amy just ended up with a bloody tongue.

We finished up skiing around 6, and then we ate dinner at Applebee’s with their family. I really enjoyed spending time with their family. Their dad reminded me so much of my dad. 

Amy and I in front of the most beautiful sunset!

The adorable Banas twins 🙂

Me, Amy, Julie, and Jenna about to go down our first run

Skiing was an absolute blast, and I hope to go back again soon this winter. My dad just told me the other day that he would like to taking me skiing at Boyne mountain in February. Of course, I would never turn down his offer. I have only skied a handful of times, but I really would like to do it more. It is great exercise and a ton of fun. So far I have not fallen, so I hope to continue this trend. 

Well, I need to finish up some last minute homework before bed. 

Enjoy the weekend!!!!


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