Baking Bonanza!

Being at college is not always easy when you’re a girl. For example, girls are highly emotional and often get upset at silly things and fight over nothing. Other times, you just want to be alone, and oftentimes that’s hard considering you don’t always have your own personal “space” here. When you have the urge to bake or cook something delicious, you also don’t have unlimited resources and a full kitchen to make something scrumptous. BUT…the things that aren’t always easy sometimes make it all the more fun. We may be highly emotional, but there’s always someone level-headed around to help straighten things out. our cluster’s circumstance, one of our girls lives just on the other side of Holland. So, when we had the brainstorm to make delicious cupcakes together and wanted a place to really spread out and relax, we drove over to Jen’s beautiful house and got cookin’!

Hannah got a cupcake making book for Christmas, so we decided to try two recipes (complete with frosting) to see how well we really could bake. 

<img src=" know, to make sure it wasn't poisonous and such.


As fast as we mixed the recipe, the girls tasted the recipe! 🙂


After a few hectic hours of trying to get measurements just right, and make sure everyone had gotten a taste, we had perfected our delicious creations! As they came out of the oven, everyone wanted to try them! But we made a deal that we couldn’t eat any until we returned back to Dykstra and could relax. It was snowing too, so we had to be extra careful not to spill our cupcakes and lose our treasures in the midst of wintery weather.

<img src=" cupcakes barely made it to the next morning (although we had make a good 35 cupcakes)…but you know there were a lot of us and others in Dykstra wanted a treat too!

I guess baking wasn’t only in our minds because upon arriving to my Bacteriophage Genomics class on Thursday, we found that two of the girls had made us PHAGE CUPCAKES! Yes..a mixture of chocolate and vanilla cupcakes decorated with PHAGE! ..not real phage of course…

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