Skiing Round 2!

Hey Everyone! Spring is in t-minus 2 days, and I am so pumped! Spring is in the air here at Hope College and everyone is anxiously awaiting the first buds of springtime. Tulip Time is slowly creeping around the corner, and I could not be happier. These past couple of days have been really fun. […]

Skiing at Bittersweet; bitter cold but super sweet

I am so excited that tomorrow is Friday. This past week flew. The week started off great because I went skiing with my friends at Bittersweet. I absolutely love skiing!!!! I went with Julie and Amy and Jenna’s family. The four of us drove there in the morning to meet her family at the ski […]


I love to ski! This past weekend I went skiing at Crystal Mountain, which is about two and half hours away from Hope. Four of my other friends came with me and we took a fun road trip to Thompsonville, Michigan. My friend Priscilla had never been skiing before this trip. She really enjoyed learning […]