Friday!!!! Finally it came! After what felt like a never-ending week, the weekend has officially arrived. I feel so much better today knowing I get to chill and relax some with my family and enjoy the nice fall weather. I saw the most beautiful sunset last night and this morning’s sunrise was also gorgeous. Sometimes […]

Fun-filled weekend!

Hello Everyone! I leave for Easter break in less than 2 hours!!!! Yes, I am so incredibly pumped. School has been crazy busy this past week. I’ll fill you in on what I have been doing. Friday night: I attended a concert at Lemonjello’s. Some students from Hope were playing, and the band did an […]

Best weekend ever?

Hey! Another busy weekend occurred here at Hope College. On Friday night, my roommate and I went to Western Michigan University to attend a physical therapy program session for graduate school. We were able to tour their facilities and hear a little about their program. Her parents drove us there and also took us out […]