Sochi 2014 / Сочи 2014

Okay folks, the XXII (22nd) Winter Olympic Games is on, and is on until February 23rd. I don’t know about you, but every time the Olympics are on, I always get super pumped and become inspired. Every two years, despite many countries’ differences, the world comes together for 2 weeks to attain one goal: get a gold medal. So, if every country strives for that, aren’t we merely all the same? (food for thought).

Sochi in Russian looks so much cooler, so I also put that in the title. Not only is it cooler looking, it adds pizzaz. I’ve probably watched more Olympics events than completing my homework, so Winter Break is currently a bust. I mean, I have homework everyday, but the Olympics don’t come everyday!

The Olympic Rings
The Olympic Rings

Here are some Olympic facts. Let’s focus on the Olympic Rings as featured above. Each ring symbolizes the continents of the world. North & South America are considered one mass, Europe, Asia, Africa, and Australia (and Oceana). Why are they interlocked? Because each nation from each geographical region compete in unity. Pretty cool eh?

Currently, here are the medal standings as of February 9, 2014 at 6:00 p.m. Norway has 7, The Netherlands has 4, and The United States of America also has 4. C’mon USA, get more medals! (Okay, I know, it’s only 3rd fay of competition, there are more days to come). If you want to know the standings, simply type in “Medal Count Sochi 2014” into Google, and it will give you a super cool chart. My favorite events in the Winter Olympics are figure skating, skiing (alpine & nordic combined), snowboarding, and what the heck, all of them. They’re all fun to watch, especially games for medal contention.

There is so much more to come in the Olympics, and Im just pumped. Sometimes, I wish I was an Olympic athlete, but I’m fine where I am right now. Okay, before I end, I just want to give you a list of where the next games will be. I personally think we need another in the USA!

  • Rio De Janeiro, Brazil – Summer 2016
  • Peyongchang, South Korea – Winter 2018
  • Tokyo, Japan – Summer 2020

Alrighty, that’s all I have for now. In the meanwhile, GO USA!

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