Bus and Subway Businessmen

When you travel in Santiago via public transportation you have a lot of other company other than passengers. You get to meet a lot of performers, whom I will talk next post and a lot of businessmen or salesmen.

The salesmen sell literally a whole range of products. There are two types of them. The first group are salesmen that are selling on behalf of a company, usually Coca-Cola or Super 8 (Nestle) (Super 8 is the most common and I would say popular candy bar in Chile). The second group do not represent any company and honestly it is really hard to tell why are they doing it because they sell weirdly random products.

The first group sells, water, ice cream, Coke products or Super 8. They always wear a shirt or something to show it.

The second group is much different. I was asked to buy, pen, medical band-aids, hair ban, a very questionable ice-cream, some type of balls (I had know clue what is it for), toothbrush, nail clippers or paper clip. The randomness is wide. They also are differently dressed. Some of them are very casually dress, but some of them were dress up pants and button up shirts. Also some sales men have a microphone, so everybody can hear them.

In the beginning, I thought it was really cool to see them work because you are happy to experience the Chilean culture. Later I realized that almost there was not a bus ride without them and since they have not sense of personal space it gets a little but tiring.

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