My Host Family

My host family was only a host mother and she was great. I did not ask, but my guess would be that she is somewhere around her upper 60s, but she looked much younger. Generally, people in Chile look much younger than they actually are. That is probably all the sun and no stress.

She has a son, who is around 35 years old. He actually went to Boston University for four years and became a computer engineer, so she knew how American university system works. Right now he works in San Francisco as a computer engineer for Sony.

My host mom was very clean and organized. She cleaned the whole kitchen every weekend and the bathroom every other weekend. Sometimes she liked to boss around, but I really did not mind. I was happy she uses subjective in Spanish. I actually gave her nickname: Monica Geller. It is a character from TV show Friends. She loves it because she said she is like Monica.

She also loves to travel especially in Europe and cook healthy food. She is a big fan of politics and economics. Many times she asked me about something that happened in European political scene before I even knew it. She followed the American elections very closely and deeply.

Besides politics, economics, and order, she also loves blond hair actors. Brat Pitt, Matt Damon, Simon Baker or Kevin Costner. Unfortunately, George Clooney did not make her list of attractive men. Regarding her music taste, she listen anything from Bruce Springsteen, Rod Stewart (Baby Jane and Forever Young on replay for good 30 min) through U2, Coldplay to Justin Bieber or Selena Gomez. Simply she likes all type of music except rap.

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