Lider and Walmart Connection in Chile

Lider-WalmartDoes this yellow symbol remind you of something?

If not, then Walmart has the same symbol.

walmart-logo.64968e7648c4bbc87f823a1eff1d6bc7Lider was established as Chilean hypermarket chain in 1893, but in 2009 it was bought by Walmart and they very interesting “relationship”, which is very similar what I experience in Czech.

What Walmart does is that many times what they do not sell in the United States, they ship over to Lider (Chile) and they actually mark up the price as a new product or something special. So many times I walked and I saw products like hot chocolate. All labels are in English, there is just a sticker with descriptions in Spanish, but it Walmart product. It even has the label “Great Value”.

I do not want to make it seem as Walmart uses Chilean Lider as “dumpster”. They have a lot of Chilean products made in Chile or Southern America, but the amount of these unsold Walmart products is more than noticeable. Especially the products that can last for a while, like hot chocolate or Hershey.

In the Czech Republic the same thing happening, that chain stores from Germany or Austria (the western Europe countries) send unsold products and mark up the price.

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