I’m Goin’ Home

The best meatloaf in town by far is located in the town of Sterling Heights, Michigan, on a little side street with excellent shrubbery in the front yard and a dog peaking out the bay windows overlooking the street.

In case you didn’t catch how much I love my dog in my previous post, the house I just described is indeed my very own, and the meatloaf I talked about is honest-to-goodness the very best. Meaty, flavorful, and everything a girl could want in a home-cooked meal.

The best thing about this meatloaf, however, is not the taste. It is the fact that it can only be found at my house, and made by my mom, just for me. Especially when I go home to visit.

Thinking back to when I was a first year, not so very long ago, I always thought to myself “I’m not going back home until Christmas because I’m in college and independent and whatnot!” But I am here to tell you, folks, that whether you’re a first year, or a senior, you’re going to go home. You’re going to need your nice soft bed, a cuddle with your pooch, and the endless conversations with your loved ones.

So I thought I’d give you some advice to make the most out of your visits home this year.

First off, ENJOY. Put your heart into your visits home, because your loved ones are excited to see you!! Tell them about the crazy adventures that you’re having, how your roommate is your best friend (or not) and what you’re deciding on majoring in this week. They just want to know that you’re doing well. And no matter how many times you hear the question “So how’s school?” always answer with a smile, because the people asking care about you. And what’s better than having people care about you? Nothing, people.

Next, don’t stress. You might have a huge Chem exam on Monday and obviously you need to study, but don’t spend your whole weekend studying. After all, the weekend home is meant to be relaxing and fun, so don’t waste it on boring homework. Do something you love to do at home, like eat breakfast with your family or read a book on your porch. Maybe even visit some high school friends. You do you.

Lastly, your parents have missed you, and will be more than happy to do a lot of things for you (like your dirty laundry), but don’t forget to tell them how much you appreciate them, maybe even give them a really big hug! They love you and have just let you go on the biggest journey of your life and maybe are even helping to pay for your education. So even though you are an independent college kid and deserve to make your own decisions, know that they just want the best for you and are still getting used to the fact that your gone and growing up.

Everyone does something different when they go home, but hopefully this advice helps you to unwind and take in the special qualities of your own home while you’re there.

Until next time, all!

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Published by Mikaila Bisson

Hi there! I'm a Hope Senior from Sterling Heights, Michigan (about 45 minutes North of Detroit). I'm an English major with a Creative Writing emphasis (fitting), and have a Business minor. I'm super active in Hope life. I am a Student Ambassador, the Senior Treasurer on the Executive Board of Nykerk, and was involved in Orientation as an AD. I also work on campus at the Career Development Center as a Career Advisor, and at Hope's Physical Plant. I love playing any kind of sport (soccer's my favorite!), have a weakness for shoes, eat dessert twice a day, read like its my job, am currently watching Gilmore Girls on Netflix, and have a passion for Golden Retrievers. Contact me at mikaila.bisson@hope.edu because I'd love to hear from any and everyone. Also feel free to follow my super trendy Instagram account at @miktroubleee or my equally as trendy, even more Hope-filled Twitter account at @hopemikaila17 .

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  1. sweet Mikaila….I loved your delightful blog…you are a great writer…so interesting, humorous, thoughtful,,,,……informative…..love you ……..kc

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