Here’s Why I’m Ready To Leave College.

Firstly, I would like to thank all of those who read my last blog post, “Things Seniors (STILL) Don’t Want To Hear.” It was a stunning success, and I appreciate all of your continual support and positive comments. This is why I love my job so much, being a student blogger and all.

With that interjection out of the way, let’s cut down to the chase. Whether I believe it or not, (believe me, sometimes, I’m in denial) I am ready to graduate and leave college (23 days!). The days continue to fly by and I am closer to liberation from higher education and transition myself to adulthood.


1. I always tell my closest friends and others the following: “I’m ready to be done with school, but I’m not ready to leave my friends.” Despite that I have my best friends here in one place, I really want to be on my own. Having my friends not even 5 minutes away has been a fairy tale for the past 4 years, but I have to think to myself that it’s just not like that outside of the college world (with a few exceptions, of course). I’m ready to take on this challenge by leaving. If I made friends in college, I’ll be able to make friends at my workplace or outside of my workplace. But hands down, leaving my friends WILL be the hardest thing. I am forever grateful to Hope College for bringing these people into my life. Without them and their support, I would not be where I am, and where I am headed.

2. The point of college is to have social experiences, academic experiences, and learn from the two. For 4 years in a row, I have been in classes and situations where I have learned so much. Now, it’s time to actually apply what I have learned. What’s the point of learning all of these concepts and ideas if you don’t actually use them? (there goes all your $$$)! I mean what’s the point of nursing school if I’m not going to be a nurse?

3. The college bubble has been so good to these past four years, but simultaneously, I also want to pop the dang thing. Graduation is my way of popping the Hope College bubble. It is SUCH a warm and welcoming community; that’s one primary reason I chose this fine institution! Again, we ALL have to realize that wherever we end up, the social atmosphere might be vicious or unrelenting. Those are powerful words, but it’s the truth. As much as I want to live in the friendliest of all cities, it’s just not realistic. We will have to work with people who are not as cheery as us, and by leaving college, we will get the experience doing so. Just let me go already!

4. This one goes out to all of the parents too, but I am done spending crazy large sums of money that I don’t have. I am so glad I have the education I do, it’s one of the best investments you can make! But, money does not grow on trees. And even if it did, that tree is obviously not budding yet. I just want to use what I learned throughout these four years, do them, and get money for doing them.

5. Lastly, have you heard the phrase “college is the best four years of your life?” Let me tell you, I am not a believer in this. If college are your best years, then shoot, what’s exciting about the future? Nothing. Another reason I’m excited to dart out of here, all of the experiences, memories, and opportunities that lie ahead of me! There is so much outside of the college world, and I’m about to take in as much of that as possible. I mean, college has been the best part of my life, but I’m still young. There is just so much out there; I’m ready to do all of it!

College Friends!

College has truly provided me with the tools and opportunities to help me become the man I am today. My values, ideas, and interests have been molded by my college experience. In return for such a wonderful and priceless experience, I am ready to become a productive citizen of the United States and give back to those who are deserving. I thank God for putting me in my dream vocation of nursing to help those in need. Hope College has been so great, but it’s time for my next chapter!

Thanks for reading another senior related blog post, all! Again, thank you all for the support by reading and providing feedback on my posts. That’s when I know I’m doing a great job. If you haven’t, make sure to follow me on @HopeMarvin15 on Twitter, and follow me on Instagram at MarvSolberg!

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Greetings! My name is Marvin Solberg and my hometown is Traverse City, Michigan. I am a Hope College senior studying nursing, and aspire to obtain my Ph.D. in nursing research with the ultimate goal of becoming a professor. At Hope College, I am involved in Student Activities Committee (SAC), Student Blogging at Admissions, Ballet and Hip-Hop Club, Hope College Immersion Trips, and I am a nursing teaching assistant (TA)! I love God, my family, and friends. There's truly no place like Hope College; I call it my home away from home!

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