Freshman Frequency

During my freshman year at Hope, I have often found myself doing some of the same things over and over. Here is some of the stuff I’ve done a lot this year!

Eaten fro-yo


Sometimes you might get fro-yo a little too often… Maybe to the point that you’ll give it up for Lent. It’s just so good. And not as bad for you as ice cream is. Sometimes.

Gone to fundraisers

Cold Stone
My friends and I headed to a Dance Marathon fundraiser at Cold Stone Creamery!

Organizations from Hope are always having fundraisers at places like Cold Stone, Orange Leaf, Peach Wave, Lemonjello’s, and JP’s! It’s a great excuse to go pick up that ice cream or coffee you’ve usually been wanting anyway, and a portion of the money goes to a cause you care about!

Stayed up late for no reason

This happened to me way more often than it should have. Sometimes I would finish my homework and then just sit around until the wee hours of the morning… Or do nothing all day and then have to do homework until it was really late. I know that happens to all college students, but I was frequently the last person in my cluster to go to bed. But that’s okay! It’s something I’ve learned how to handle and it’s actually worked for me this year!

Had great talks with my friends

A lot of times, those late night things can be “life-talks” with friends (which usually end up being awesome reasons to stay up late!). Those can just really bond you with people and help you grow as an individual and as a friend.

Done homework

Obviously this is a given in college, but I didn’t want to leave it out since I’ve done this more than basically anything else. You can’t forget the reason that you’re at college – To learn!

Played music

Between the three choirs I’ve been in this school year, worship team at Pillar Church, and solo singing, I’ve done a lot of music this year, and I’m looking forward to even more next year! It’s been so much fun to get to work with so many different people with such different musical backgrounds. I have grown and learned so much from them!

Gotten coffee


Whether it’s from my Keurig or on an LJ’s run with my friend Kelly, I have had a lot of coffee this year. Unfortunately the caffeine doesn’t affect me that much anymore, but I really like the taste! Going out to Lemonjello’s or JP’s for coffee with friends is an awesome way to have conversations, Bible studies, do homework, or just get to know people too!

Gone downtown

My roommate, Christin, and I downtown!

I love love love love LOVE downtown Holland! I might have gone down there a few too many times this school year, but it’s just such an easy walk and I find it really relaxing to just look around down there for an hour or two by myself! Downtown Holland is the best!

Changed my mind

I have changed my mind back and forth on so many things this school year, like my major, things I like and don’t like, how to do things, and so much more! I think that’s a huge part of the growing process while you’re at college!

What did you do, or what do you hope to do, a lot during your freshman year of college? Leave me a comment, tweet @hopekathryn17, or email me at! Thanks for reading!

For everything comes from him and exists by his power and is intended for his glory. All glory to him forever! Amen.

– Romans 11:36

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Published by Kathryn Krieger

I'm a Hope junior from Princeton, Illinois, majoring in Ethics, Culture, and Social Witness with a music minor. I am a follower of Christ and I am involved in Chapel Worship Team at Hope. Previously, I have been involved in Chapel Choir, Black River WyldLife, Res Life, Dance Marathon, a small women's Bible study, College Chorus, Women's Chamber Choir, and Collegium Musicum. I also currently help lead music at Pillar Church! I also love pork chop sandwiches, music of all kinds, The Office, and my wonderful friends and family! Contact me at, @kathrynekrieger on Instagram, or @hopekathryn17 on Twitter!

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