What It’s Like to Work From Home

Working from home. The dream, right? No commute. No long drives to the office. No early-morning wake-up calls. No cubicle, no boss hovering over your shoulder, but definitely a cup of coffee in hand, sweatpants, no shoes, curled up in a blanket. Or, short of that, holed up in the corner of a cute little […]

I Have a Coffee Dependence and I’m Not Proud

This blog post is about to be majorly overdramatic. It all started when I was just a wee young lass. My grandma is a big coffee drinker and my grandpa loved his gas station cappuccinos. They live across town from the house I grew up in, and they’re totally the kind of grandparents who love […]

Exploring Chicago, Week One

PREVIOUSLY ON #CHICAGOKATHRYN… So, here’s a quick recap of my weird, exciting life that I love. I’m spending this semester living in Chicago and working as the worship arts intern at Community Christian Church Lincoln Park/Old Town. I’m taking a couple classes while I’m here through Chicago Semester and learning a whole bunch of stuff […]

And We Back. Just Kidding, We’re in Chicago.

Hello, everyone! I’m back for my last semester of college (and student blogging) but I’m not actually back… I’m in Chicago studying through the Chicago Semester! I’ve moved into my teeny tiny apartment, I’ve landed an internship I’m stoked about (and figured out how to get there), I’ve set off the fire alarm in my apartment […]

Hope College Through the Eyes of Jake

The man. The myth. The legend. My friend Jake. Jake is a pretty involved guy here at Hope College. He is a Nykerk Play Morale Coach, he is a staple member of the Dew Crew (perennially in the front row), he plays bass on the Worship Team, and he is the founder of the #fashionboys […]

My Favorite Chicago Spots: A Winter Break Memoir

If you’d asked me two years ago, I would have said that I hated Chicago. I would never want to live there. I didn’t even like visiting for the day. I’d take a shopping trip to the suburbs at the drop of a hat, but you couldn’t make me go into the actual city. Ugh. This is […]