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I was lucky enough to find an internship while studying abroad. I found out about a company called Planet Expat, which is a headhunter company that works with startups mainly in United States and Europe. They do some other things, like coaching program, but matching students with internships abroad is their main focus.

Planet Expat.
Planet Expat.

I worked at Planet Expat for six weeks and besides business development, broadcasting work, I write an article about the benefits on studying abroad to one’s professional career. The article is in my next post, but if you are looking for an internship, job abroad that Planet Expat is definitely a source to look at.

Many times the internships are paid and they are an “English” internships with startup companies in Spain or Portugal, a countries where English is not the official language. Usually the internships ranging from 3-6 months so ideally it is for students who are studying abroad for the whole academic year or for a students who have graduated from Hope College. Actually 78% of people who have internship with Planet Expat get a permanent job afterward.

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