We all know Porsche. One of the most luxurious and most technically developed cars one can buy in current market. People think Porsche is one of the symbols of brilliant German engineering, precision, and reliability. As of right now, it is truth, but most people do not know that Porsche is not German company. It is Czech company, which moved to Germany and became German. Actually, the founder Ferdinand Porsche, was born in Vratislavice neighborhood, which is part of Liberec, my hometown. He went to Technical University in Liberec and got a job in Vienna when he turned 18. On of the reasons, why he did not come back to the Czech Republic (Czechoslovakia back then) is because he sympathized with Hitler and his ideas.

Also what people do not know is that Volkswagen Beetle is a reality only because of Adolf Hitler. The VW Beetle is a direct product of Adolf Hitler. He actually contracted Ferdinand Porsche in 1934 and asked him to design and construct it.

The fact that Porsche had a lot of sympathies for Hitler was a big controversy of reconstructing his house where he was born in Vratislavice, Liberec. Nevertheless, Škoda the Czech car manufacturer bought it and made a museum out of it.

Porsche´s house back then.
Porsche´s house back then.
Porsche´s house now.
Porsche´s house now.

Chilean Movie Night

This Wednesday (March 15), I and Amie Hixon will organizing a Chilean movie night on the behalf of International Student Office in order to promote studying abroad. We both studied abroad in Chile this past fall semester. I was in Business and Culture program and Amie was in Liberal Arts Program. We will have a brochures about all the possible options if you are interested in studying abroad in Chile.

The movie, we will be playing will be is called Machuca (2004) and it is about two boys who observe a political coupe in their native country Chile. The only reason we picked it because it has the highest ranking on IMDb of 7.8. It got 12 awards wins and 5 nominations. I and Amie have not seen it yet, so it will be for the first time as well. So come to watch and explore about studying in Chile!

@DePree Cook Auditorium  at 7:00 pm

Cover of Machuca movie.
Cover of Machuca movie.


I talked about Prague a few blogs ago, but I have not mentioned my hometown and the city I was born. There is a lot of things to talk about, so I will probably write two or three more posts about it because my town in many ways is really a pearl in a sea.

Liberec or as many people know the city as Reichenberg in German, is a city located on the North of the Czech Republic, only 30 minutes from German and Polish border. It has population of 102,000 people and it was first mentioned, and therefore established in 1352. It is a pearl in the sea, because of its population and economic power and demand, it is very beautiful and historic.

Liberec has a lot of beautiful, historic and modern buildings that form the city, but those Jětěd and Liberecká Radnice are the symbols of the town.

On of the great things in Liberec is its location between mountains, so people can in 20-30 minutes drive outside Liberec and ski, mountain bike, walk, or cross country ski. On the top of the mountains is a telecommunication tower and hotel at the same time. It was designed by Karel Hubáček and built in 1973. In that time, people saw it as “futuristic” building.

Ještěd in during the winter.
Ještěd in during the winter.

The second symbol of Liberec is Liberecká radnice, which would translate to English as Town Hall of Liberec. The architect of this was Franz Neumann, an Austrian architect. The building was finished in 1893 and it is a “smaller” copy or version of the Town Hall in Vienna.

Town Hall of Liberec.
Town Hall of Liberec.

Principles of Microeconomics

Since, I am Management major Principles of Microeconomics is a must-take class. It is not terribly difficult, but harder harder than Principles of Macroeconomics. But I am not really talk here about what we study in Microeconomics, but more the difference between the Management and Economics major. I was an Economics major, then I declared a Management major with an Economics minor, and now I am only Management major.

For the Economics and Management majors you take about 70% of the same classes. Then Management gets more practical and business-oriented, whereas Economics gets more theoretical. Also, Management is the only “business” degree in Hope. Economics is not “business” degree. So if you are student who is interested in pursuing a career in business, then Management major is much better option.

I have a lot of friends and relatives, who if I say, I am Management major, they think I am studying to be a “boss” or “executive”. It is not true. Firstly, there is not such as school that makes you a CEO, other than time, experience, and long length of right decisions. So in the Management major still get to learn the core of economics, which is very important in business, but then you focus more on real life related work.

Spanish V

My second class is Spanish V class because Spanish is my minor. Interestingly enough, Spanish V is my first Spanish class at Hope, but I did study abroad in Chile for a semester. In Spanish V we basically go over all tenses, subjunctives and conditionals, so by then we should theoretically have no more grammar to learn.

If you are interested in Spanish minor, then you need 16 credits, but it starts to count with Spanish V. So when you come to Hope, you have to take a language placement test designed by Hope College. Based on that, you go to Spanish I or a higher level. Or you can go to Spanish V and get credit for Spanish I, II, III, IV, and V, or 20 credits towards graduation. Nevertheless, from Spanish minor you need Spanish V, Spanish VI and two more classes.

The whole getting credit for Spanish I and Spanish II if you are Spanish III can be in any language department at Hope.

Russian II

The first class I am taking this semester is Russian II. As you know, Hope College is a liberal arts school, so you will have to take a second or for some people, a third or fourth language. It does not have to be a Russian. You can take Spanish, French, Mandarin Chinese, Japanese, and German as well. But as you might guess Spanish is the most popular one because most U.S. students take Spanish in high school.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in completely different and unique language and you are not big fan of Mandarin Chinese, then Russian is the way to go. If you do decide to Russian, it is a sort of one year course. Let me explain. If you want to take Spanish I or French II, you can do so any semester. And you can even pick different time blocks. But if you want to take Russian I than you can take it only in the fall and in order to get to Russian II, you must take Russian I beforehand. Logically, Russian II is taught only in the spring, since Russian I is only taught in the fall.

The advantage of taking Russian is the fact people it is not the most popular language between students, and actually many students even do not know that one can study Russian at Hope, so my class is only 7 students. It is basically like having a personal tutor. Also, you may know Russians use different alphabet called Azbuka, and you get to learn how to read it, which very cool and unique skill to have.

Fly-In Weekend

This past weekend “Fly-In Weekend” happened and I was one of your hosts, so if you are prospective student, this is something that you may want to think about.

The Fly-In program kicked off on Thursday night at 7:00 p.m., where the visiting students gathered with their hosts in front of the fireplace in Phelps Dining Hall. By the way, it is called Fly-in Weekend because students fly in to Hope from all different states, like New York, Utah or California. Continuing back, we gathered at 7 p.m. to play some ice breaking game and to have a little informative session of what is happening for next 48 hours the stay.

On Friday, the prospective students had an all-day program and then we went to a basketball game. The day starts at 8:30 a.m., where there is a student panels, actual classes visits, campus tour and trip in the Holland area and to the beach. The we went to a dinner and 7:30 p.m. basketball game. The next day, they were flying back to their respective states.

It is a great event for anybody who really wants to experience a Hope College over the night. You sleep with an actual student for two nights and everything is set up for you. So definitely something to think about if you are highly interested in Hope College.

Dr. Arthur Brooks Lecture: “Let’s Work Together: Restoring Optimism, Unity, and Opportunity”

On February 20, Dr. Arthur Brooks gave a lecture called “Let’s Work Together: Restoring Optimism, Unity, and Opportunity.” The goal of the lecture was sharing of what he thinks are three secrets to successful entrepreneurship.

Dr. Arthur Brooks is well respected social scientist and musician, who is currently the president of the American Enterprise Institute or as other people would call, a conservative think tank.

He started of his speech by saying that there are multiple ways to achieve a success and two big problems that of looking the truly successful entrepreneurs like Bill Gates or Steve Jobs. Firstly, this group is only 2% and out of those 2% only ¾ (75%) are capable running a successful enterprise. This means that out of 1,000,000 people only 2,000 are successful entrepreneurs. And out of those 2,000 people only 1,500 people are capable of running actually company. So the group was really small. Also, he found out that these guys are “nuts” – hypomania.

Secondly, what is the definition of success? Is it money, family life, happiness or property. For everybody the formula is very different.

Then he continued, to the first secret of success which is lifting someone up, not making someone richer. He referred to the prison entrepreneurship program in Houston that its purpose is to form enterprisers out of convicted felons, which does not really happen. But what happens is their return rate is much lower because it helps to get back on their feet and transfer to real life.

The second secret was serve others. He did a study where the people who donated money, they become richer. He taught that his numbers were wrong, so he asked his friend, who told him that it is well known for 30 years. It is because more one donates the happier one, which results in higher productivity therefore more making more money.

The third and last secret to success cultivate your weakness. In other words, one weakness is different and a good way to connect with someone else in the community. He gave an example of college bar. There is a weakness which is a lack of true college bar in the campus area. Use the weakness to connect with the community and start a bar.

Lastly, he also encouraged to take more risks and to say “yes” to a lot of big life decisions to be more entrepreneurial minded.

Immigration Lawyer Lecture on February 7, 2017

On February 7, a lecture by a former Hope College student took place in the in Mass about the Immigration Law and current political situation regarding immigrants. The lecture was divided into three sections, Immigration Law, Refugee and Asylum Law, and How do we protect refugees? I found the first part the most fascinating and interesting to me.

She started to talk about the border openness 100 years ago in United States. The first official order on who can and can not was passed in 1954. This is also the origin times of the term alien, a person who is not a citizen of United States. Therefore legal alien are immigrants who came to the United States legally, where on the other side illegal alien are people who enter to United States illegal. Also, presenter talked about two main ways how people are able to enter United States legally. Firstly there the option of a travel visa, which is limited to 3 months of stay in the United States. In order to get a travel visa, people need to prove that they have enough assets, usually money, that they have a reason to come back. The second main way is the work visa. In order to obtain Work Visa, the applicant has to prove advanced (Bachelor Degree) and work opportunity. If the applicant did not has Bachelor degree, one can not come and work in the United States other than seasonal work.

In the case that the alien stayed in the the United States illegally for 6 months (6 months after one’s visa expires) and is caught then one is banned from entering the United States for 3 years. If alien stayed in the the United States illegally for 12 months (12 months after one´s visa expires) and is caught then one is banned from entering the United States for 10 years. She briefly talked about the Children on the U.S. Saint Louis 1939 or the U.S. Accession to U.N. Refugee Protocol 1968. Lastly, she also mentioned how children, born in the United States, are becoming orphaned, when their parents who are in the United States illegally get deported, but the history of immigration law and immigration law itself attracted me the most.

The biggest lesson or the reflection that as an international student, it will be very hard for me to stay here after Hope College. She really emphasizes the fact that applicants for worker not only have to have bachelor’s degree, but they need to be better than American workers. In the other words, if I will get a job it does not mean I will be given the permission to stay. The employer that will offer me the job, has to apply for permit and make a case that my skills are essentially. She actually referred to the agriculture workers in the presentation, but similar process will be happening to me as well. I just realized the difficulty of staying here after college, not even considering the fact that President Trump is in the office and his views do not help at all.

Prague Christmas Market 2017

Even though it is the start of a Spring, Prague, the capital city of the my home country, the Czech Republic, has something spectacular. In every bigger city in the Czech Republic there is a Christmas market. There are always very Christmasy, relaxing, and romantic, but the Prague Christmas Market is in the league itself. It was ranked as the number 1 Christmas Market in the world by CNN.

The market happens on the Old Town Square in the heart of Prague. Its historic square dates to 11th century. The biggest attraction is an astronomical clock in the town hall called Orloj. There is a sad and amazing regarding the clock. The sad one is they blinded the builder of Orloj right after he made it, in order to prevent him of making it somewhere else. The positive news is that, Orloj has been working since it was constructed in October 9, 1410.

Prague´s Chirstmas Market
Prague´s Chirstmas Market
Prague´s Chirstmas Market from the air
Prague´s Chirstmas Market from the air
Astronomical Clock called Orloj from 1410
Astronomical Clock called Orloj from 1410