Science, Sustainability and a Bahamian Town Dump

Ah, spring break in the Bahamas. Sun. Sand. Palm trees. Snorkeling in coral reefs. Exploring limestone formations. Visiting the town dump. What? Wait. The town dump? Yes, Deep Creek Town Dump to be precise. For more than 20 years, Dr. Brian Bodenbender has had a penchant for teaching and researching coastal geology in the Bahamas, and the weather there has …

Birds Against Glass: An Avian Study

Dr. Kathy Winnett-Murray and five former Hope students had an unenviable task: To seek out and document dead bird carcasses found beneath the windows of six buildings on campus. It was all for life-giving research to learn how to save birds’ lives.

New App by Hope Students Provides the Freedom to (Easily) Read

A new web-based, plug-in application created by two Hope students gives those with learning disabilities the means to read online articles at a level that best suits their reading comprehension. The app, called Articulus (meaning “article” in Latin), allows for greater reading understanding and success in school and life. Senior Amber Carnahan and sophomore Jori …

International Education is for Faculty Too

Like Hope students who traverse and learn internationally during the summer months, many Hope professors do the same. One such example is a focused and lively international faculty development workshop, co-directed by Dr. Joanne Stewart of Hope’s chemistry department, which brought together liberal arts science professors from around the world during the summer of 2017. …

Hope Turns Purple to Help Find a Cure

They have never met but they are on the same team. Their uniforms are different but they don them with solidarity of purpose. And though they play different positions, they desire the same outcome. The soccer player and the scientist both want to beat cancer.

Giving Water for Life

Water is life. And that’s exactly why the Hope College Engineers Without Borders (EWB) program traveled to Kenya this past May. For three weeks in a rural area just outside Bondo in southwest Kenya, Hope-EWB coordinated and engineered the installation of two wells and a rainwater catchment system.

Hope Alums Help Hope Students Race To Zero

Together, five Hope-ites — two alums and three soon-to-be alums — were making known the quality of Hope’s engineering program on a national stage at the Race to Zero Student Design Competition sponsored by the U.S. Department of Energy.

Uncommon Class on Common Grounds

Hope students in Dr. Tom Bultman’s new The Science and Culture of Coffee class are getting a thoroughly flavorful education about everything they ever needed or wanted to know about coffee.

Seeing Stars

Before ever taking one class at Hope, Jeff Engle of Kalamazoo, Michigan, spent his pre-freshman summer as a member of the Hope physics department’s Research Bridge Program which operates with the belief that students should “learn physics by doing physics.”

Student’s Research Adds Fuel to Fast-Food Debate

Should the fast food industry ever do away with those crinkly but potentially harmful wrappers that encase your two all-beef hamburger patties, one of the people you can thank is a physics-turned-history-major from Hope College.