Day of Giving Social Media Checklist

Six Weeks Out

  1. Do a quick checkup on your department’s social media accounts. Are they up to date? When is the last time you shared information? Are you following the Hope brand guidelines? Now is a good time to update your profiles to be ready for Day of Giving.
  2. Look for people you should be following on social media such as distinguished alumni, other Hope departments and offices, faculty and staff, etc. 
  3. Will you want to include videos in your outreach this year? What about making a Thank You video? Consider recording a video (using a smartphone) of your faculty and staff asking alumni and friends to give, or reach out to Elizabeth Council if you have another idea. Examples: and

One Month Out

  1. Select who will manage your department/organization’s social media on Day of Giving. 
  2. Identify key influencers within your department who are already active on social media. Ask them to play an active role on social media that day. Example:
  3. Begin promoting early by sharing the college’s “Save the Date” message

Week Before

  1. Make sure you have access to all the materials available for Day of Giving. PAM will provide sample photographs, graphics, social media updates, etc. Be sure your materials are readily available on Day of Giving. Example:
  2. Familiarize yourself with the Giving dashboard – so that you understand how the giving process works.
  3. If you still have not made your video(s), now’s the time. Recording on your smartphone is a great option.

Day Before

  1. Begin sharing information about Day of Giving such as the goal and a link to the giving page. You can use graphics provided in the resources folder or share the college’s tweets and posts.
  2. Send a reminder to faculty and staff who will be helping to promote social media. Remind them of the official hashtag: #give2hope and website

Day Of

  1. Begin early by sharing the college’s kick-off message and video.
  2. Check in the resources folder for any last-minute updates to content/photos.
  3. Continue encouraging others to give throughout the day by sharing photos, videos or graphics about and in support of your department. These can be prepared in advance or taken on the day of. 
  4. Retweet/share your faculty and alumni’s posts and tweets. Example:
  5. Watch for competitive “challenges” such as matching funds and giveaways. Share these on social media and encourage others to get in on the fun. 
  6. The last few hours of the event will be exciting. Be sure to share updates and the final numbers when they are in! 
  7. Don’t forget to share a big THANK YOU message to your donors!

General Tips and Reminders for Marketing Day of Giving

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