Last reminder: Pro-Dev Day

Could it be that you’re still thinking about joining us for “Pro-Dev Day,” this Monday, October 10? And could it be that you have a few lingering questions about this all-day professional development conference for Hope employees? Let’s see if we can address some of those questions:

  • Will I be welcome? With open arms. Every employee is invited, and every employee is welcome!
  • What if I don’t have all day to spend at the conference? You’re in luck! Participants may attend all or any portion of the day. We’d love to see you there, even if you are able to participate in only one session.
  • What if I can’t afford the registration fee? Haha, trick question! This is the most budget-friendly conference you’ll ever attend. The entire day —even lunch — is free of charge to employees.
  • Where do I go? Meet us at the Haworth Center, and we’ll help you find your session location.
  • What if I haven’t registered? What are you waiting for?! We encourage you to register today so that the planning team can anticipate space and catering needs. If (and only if) you register in advance, you’ll have a chance of winning some fantastic door prizes.
  • What if I forget to register? No worries —for the most part. Registration is not mandatory for most sessions. However, registration is required for the “StrengthsFinder” session and for lunch, featuring keynote speaker Jason Kehrer ’03, who will present “The Art and Design of Empathy in Everyday Life.” Note that registration for the “StrengthsFinder” session will close at 4pm today.
  • What if I can’t decide which session to attend? That’s a tough one. We think they all look pretty great!
  • What if I am super-excited about Pro-Dev Day and I want to share my excitement with others? If that’s the case, then you’ve just been officially inducted into the Public Affairs and Marketing Admiration Society. Feel free to post about the event on social media using the hashtag #HopeProDev. Memes always encouraged.
  • Where I go to learn more and sign up? Glad you asked! Check out these sites for more details:
  • Learn more
  • Schedule
  • Sessions
  • Keynote
  • RSVP

We look forward to having some fun on Monday, October 10!

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