Monday Encouragement: Virtual Postcards of Hope

The Steering Committee has been getting lots of messages of appreciation from you, and it means the world to us. But here’s the thing: We couldn’t do any of our work without you… so, thank you! Our efforts would be fruitless if we weren’t part of such a caring, student-centered community. 

YOU are keeping HOPE alive! You are stepping up to help with the heavy lift, each in your own way, and you are making a difference. For that, we say, We are so grateful! — and we ask you to pass along that spirit of gratitude. 

Here’s our request: Every day this week, take a few minutes to send a virtual “Postcard of Hope” to at least one coworker. (“Virtual postcard” is just a fancy term for “email message.”) Choose someone who may need extra encouragement. Maybe someone from outside of your department or division. Maybe even someone you don’t know well… or at all. (Need some help? Take a look at the Hope directory and pick a coworker!)  

Tell ’em they’re appreciated. Tell ’em they’re missed. Tell ’em they’re doing a great job. Tell ’em you’re thinking of them and their loved ones. Help us spread a message of HOPE among all our colleagues.

Keep up the amazing work, everyone. And, don’t forget to post #KeepingHope messages from your social media accounts! 

Thank you for reminding us — everyday! — why we love Hope College.

Jennifer Fellinger
Kristyn Bochniak
Lindsey Engelsman
Jeff Pestun
Cady Short-Thompson

Steering Committee, COVID-19 Response Team
Hope College

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