Tips for Campus-Wide Communication

As the semester is underway, we thought we would share some helpful information and suggestions about campus-wide communication. Let us know if you have questions or if we can be helpful in any way!



  • Campusmail is the Hope College moderated system for sending email messages to large sections of the campus community (e.g., all faculty, all employees, all students).
  • If you have an event or information that is useful to the greater Hope community, you may send a Campusmail. The message must be Hope-related and originate from a faculty or staff Hope email address.
  • Campusmails are distributed three times per weekday by Public Affairs and Marketing.


  • From your faculty or staff Hope email account, send your message to
  • Include a helpful subject line and your intended recipients (e.g., all employees, only faculty, etc.). Also include a CAMPUSMAIL DISTRIBUTION header.

Subject: Join us for Special Event on 10/1

(Send to all Faculty)


You are invited to a Special Event on 10/1….


  • Attachments and images are not permitted due to technical limitations with Campusmail. Instead, add your information to Google Drive and include a link in your email.
  • Using an email platform like MailChimp or Constant Contact to draft your email and then sending a single message to Campusmail for distribution violates those companies’ terms of service.
  • Regular messages to students or specific targeted groups of students (e.g., all Philosophy majors) are handled through the Studentmail system (, coordinated by the Office of the Registrar.


  • inHope is Hope College’s intranet and is only accessible to individuals who have a email address.
  • inHope includes campus announcements, news, events, employee and student directories, Marketplace and links to common campus resources and services.
  • To submit an inHope announcement, complete the announcement form and determine how long you want your announcement to stay active.


  • The Hope College Calendar is a publicly accessible master list of events. Events on the calendar also appear on inHope, department websites, and digital signage.
  • To post your event on the calendar:
    • Make your campus room reservation through EMS.
    • Select ‘Yes’ to display this event on the Hope College public calendar.
    • Include descriptive text in the “Event Details” section of the room reservation.
    • Approved events typically appear on the campus calendar in 1–2 business days.
  • List all of your department events on the calendar, even if attendance is not open to the public. If your event is invite-only, do not post your event.
  • Promote your event by emailing more information and/or a custom photo to
  • For assistance with room reservations, contact the Events and Conferences Office (, 616.395.7222).

Please send any questions about Campusmail, inHope and the Calendar to Public Affairs and Marketing (, 616.395.7860).

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