Seminar: Dr. Clement Burns

Probing High Temperature Superconductors with X-rays Friday, April 7 at 3 pm in VW 104 Clement Burns Ph.D., Western Michigan University Superconducting materials display a variety of unusual phenomenon, including the ability to carry electrical currents without resistance and the expulsion of magnetic fields from their volume.  Many of these systems are well understood, but […]

Seminar: If I ran the (quantum) zoo

“If I ran the (quantum) zoo” by Matt Eiles ’13, physics graduate student -Purdue Friday, February 24 3pm VanderWerf 104 The highly excited valence electron of an alkali Rydberg atom ranges over incredible distances relative to typical atomic scales. In the cold, dense environment of a Bose-Einstein Condensate this electron can interact with one, two, or many other […]