Alec Nelson – 2015

Inductive and Resistive Nonlinearities of a Superconductor Resonator Research Advisor: Dr. Stephen Remillard This experiment is designed to compare the feedback from an altered superconductor resonator with a conventional, unaltered superconductor resonator. Superconducting transmission lines are patterned on a lanthanum aluminium substrate chip with a geometry that resonates within the microwave range. Nonlinearities, distortion of […]

Richard Huizen – 2015

  Temperature Dependence of Signal Intermodulation in a YBCO Resonator Research Advisor: Dr. Stephen Remillard Temperature and magnetic field dependence of second and third order intermodulation distortion levels (IMD2 and IMD3 respectively) were investigated for a type II superconducting resonator circuit.  The circuit was comprised of a thin film of YBCO deposited on a substrate […]

Microwave Lab

Candace Goodson is assembling a superconducting sapphire microwave resonator for her research on the effects that carrier doping has on the superconducting thin films. She uses the resonator to determine the critical temperature of the superconductor and to look at how the surface resistance of the superconductor depends nonlinearly on current. Both of these properties […]