Meet Rosemarie.

My name is Rosemarie Falsetta and I am a sophomore with a double major in Communications and Political Science. I am currently involved in a few organizations on campus. I sit on the executive board of Hope College Republicans as the Public Relations Chair, which allows my passion for politics to grow. I also sit on the Cabinet of Student Congress as Sophomore Class Representative and chair the Internal Strengthening task force within Congress. Not only do I chair the Internal Strengthening task force, but I sit on the Student Communications Media Committee with faculty and staff. The committee oversees all of the communications outlets on campus, such as OPUS and The Anchor. Last but not least, I am a member of the Delta Phi sorority and sit on the Panhellenic Council as the sophomore representative. In my spare time, I play Intramural volleyball and basketball. I also work in the Hope College Alumni and Family Engagement office as a student receptionist. This semester, I will begin to work on a research project with a Communications professor, and am excited to see where the research leads. All of this would not be possible if I was not a Hope Fund Scholarship recipient. Without this scholarship, I would not be able to receive such an outstanding education, with so many unique opportunities. Though the semester has only been going on for about a month, it has been one of the busiest and exciting ones yet!

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