Getting to Know Me

AnnaHi, I’m Anna! Since this is my first post you all probably want to know a little bit about me. I’m a junior, but this is my second semester here. I transferred from Harper College in Illinois. When I was transferring, Hope was at the top of my list. Thanks to the help of the Hope Fund scholarship I was able to transfer here.  I am a chemistry major and, after many more years of school, I plan to become a chemistry professor. The past two summers I participated in Hope’s research program. While experiencing the beautiful Holland summers and I researched an online community of chemistry professors who collaborate to enhance pedagogy.

When I’m not in the science center, I’m running to one of the clubs I am in. I just became a STEP educator where I give presentations to educate students on interpersonal violence in attempt to reduce incidents on and off campus. I am also a member of the service fraternity and the sorority Alpha Gamma Phi. Another group I am passionate about is GRACES. They engage in discourse regarding topics relating to gender roles and sexuality in society. Hope has provided me with so many wonderful opportunities!

In the rest of my free time, I work for the Hope Fund. People groan when I tell them my job, but it is one of my favorite parts of the week! I have the wonderful opportunity to call students that were once in my shoes, who give me tips on school or where to eat. The Hope community is awesome! I am also a teaching assistant and tutor for chemistry, which is great experience for my career.

Now that you know a few things about me, I have to get back to studying for my statistics test…


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