Staring down the February Blues like….

By Michaela Stock ’20 As you Michiganders may have noticed, it was fifty degrees in February two weekends ago. Seeing the sun alone was a Michigan miracle in itself. However, to be sprawled out on Hope College’s Pine Grove with The Beach Boys blaring in the middle of winter was the best, most unexpected surprise […]

Hope Graduate Wins ArtPrize Outstanding Venue Award

While at Hope, Steffanie Rosalez ’05 was referred to by her professors as a “rock star.” Today she is an artist, musician, community organizer, and now an ArtPrize award winner. ArtPrize has been recognized as the most-attended public art event on the planet and was recently highlighted in The New York Times. This year, many of […]

Tippecanoe and Delphis Too!

The Delta Phi sorority went on their annual tradition of going on a canoe trip this past Saturday. The social chairs told us it was happening rain or shine, so all 79 girls piled into cars and began the trip to Grant, Michigan. There, we arrived at a canoe rental company called “River Rat Canoe.” As […]

Sweet Summertime

Freedom, relaxation, and priorities. Three simple words to describe how I imagine this summer will be. Pulling into the driveway and looking at my new, adorable yellow rental house with a big white porch, my heart leaped with excitement. As I unpacked all of my things into my new room in Holland,  I began to realize […]

Introducing Me

It’s catchy and different, I guess to use “Introducing Me” as my topic, and I especially chose this as my introductory topic because it reminds me of my sisters. Being teenagers, my sisters loved “High School Musical.” They learned every song, and watched it over and over again. Regardless of the fact that I tried […]

Destini Pulido ’16 Shares Hope. So can you.

Destini Pulido ’16 will graduate from Hope College in May. As she walks across the stage and receives her diploma, she will be able to look back with pride at a full and meaningful Hope experience. With no disrespect to her hometown of Eaton Rapids, Michigan, she shares that coming to Hope was one of the […]