Can I Please get a T-Shirt ?

Hope College Intramurals; the one place an amateur can feel like a world class professional athlete. I always prefer playing Co-Ed Soccer not because of the girls, but because it makes most of the guys be more gentleman-like. Lets be honest, no dude enjoys looking like a jerk in front of girls. This season, I was lucky enough to play with the Knickerbockers, and the lovely ladies of the Alpha Gamma Phi sorority even though I’m not in the Frat, and I definitely am not in the sorority. Regardless of it just being IM soccer, to me it would always feel like the UEFA Champions League Final because of the atmosphere on Hope’s Soccer Stadium. Soccer Ball

This year, after coming back from a semester abroad in Italy, I had a couple of teams to choose to play with, but choosing the “OG Alphabockers” as we called ourselves (I didn’t pick the team name) came out of me wanting to play with my friends, and win a championship T- Shirt. The season went in a completely different direction, as we finished the season with 2 wins and 9 losses. What makes it more fun is the fact that the two wins came when the other teams didn’t show up!

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Regardless, I found myself less on the need to win a T-Shirt before leaving Hope and found myself enjoying every minute of every game that I could play. I met a lot of different people and made a lot of pretty great friends, and in the risk of sounding like every kids sports movie, thats what matters the most. I’ll try and get my Championship T-Shirt next year, but in the meantime, I’ll relish the fun I had with the OG Alphabockers. This post is dedicated to them, for being such great teammates.

Introducing Me

FononIt’s catchy and different, I guess to use “Introducing Me” as my topic, and I especially chose this as my introductory topic because it reminds me of my sisters.

Being teenagers, my sisters loved “High School Musical.” They learned every song, and watched it over and over again. Regardless of the fact that I tried to stay strong through it all, I eventually fell and watched the movies with them a couple of times, and even learned the songs… and yes, I also sang along a couple of times too.

Why do I talk about my sisters and “High School Musical” in a Hope College blog you ask? Well I’ll tell you why; I do this because family is a defining aspect of me, and it’s all that matters in the end. In the same way, Hope College has come to become my second family, or as they would like to say, it’s like a “home away from home.”

In the same way, Nykerk, Pre-Law Club and even the silly and funny things we do at the Phonathon have become my version of “High School Musical,” and the lovely people that I have met too are my Hope family. I’m really glad to be able to write and share on the things I enjoy here at Hope, and who knows? Maybe eventually, I’ll start to sing along too.