It’s Not Too Late: ASC Course Tutoring and Peer Academic Coaching

With this shortened semester coming to a faster close than usual, you may feel like whatever’s going to happen academically is just going to happens–whether you like it or not. But in case you’re not particularly liking what’s happening, and you don’t particularly believe there’s much you can do about it, it’s actually not too late to take positive steps.

Believe it or not, you can still be assigned a peer content tutor for most 100- or 200-level courses. But only until Tuesday, November 3rd. Read about it and complete the application at this link, and a staff member will respond within 2 business days about the status of your request. This is the ASC’s most used service (approaching 500 assignments this semester alone!), and students can’t say enough about how much it helps.

Also, it’s not too late to pair up with a peer academic coach. A coach could both help you navigate the remaining days and weeks of this semester as well as stay paired with you to help you make a fresh start next semester if you so desire.

Whereas an ASC peer content tutor helps students exclusively with a specific course, an ASC peer academic coach helps students more generally to “do college,” whatever that might entail. From helping create situation-specific study and time-management strategies to helping set goals and balance the various aspects of college life, coaches recognize that different students need different things. Successful students themselves, peer coaches meet students where they are and help them go where they want to go.

Here’s a link to our website’s description of peer academic coaching as well as the online application. Getting paired up with a coach can take as few as a couple of days, and it could make a big difference in both finishing this semester and settling into next semester right from the start.

And seriously, it’s not too late.

ASC peer content tutoring

ASC peer academic coaching

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