ASC Study Tip- LOTS of FREE Resources on campus!

Review & Reflect Regularly- What’s working? What’s not? Make a plan to adjust. Don’t wait until you are doing poorly to seek out help- seek out resources before it’s too late to turn things around! Many FREE resources are available to you: Your professors and academic advisor Your RA and/or RD Academic Success Center Tutoring […]

Do you need a tutor for your remote classes?

The Academic Success Center is still assigning tutors for most 100 & 200 level courses! The required information and expectation session is now embedded into our application- just indicate you still need it and you will be directed to the required info. We will accept applications until Monday, April 6. Please see the ASC website/ […]

Are you procrastinating? Watch this video for inspiration!

Exams are looming! Projects are impending! Are you struggling to get motivated? Watch this video created by students from Indiana University Bloomington for some inspiration and encouragement! (It’s only 3 minutes so the ASC gives you permission to pause your studies to watch it!) Beat Procrastination! Eat that Frog!


1. Divide up your time. • Spend Time Studying for the Exams that Carry the Most Weight. • Focus Your Time on Difficult Classes – spend the majority of your time on the classes where your grade is borderline. 2. Stay alert. • Get a good night’s SLEEP! Your brain can’t function properly without 7-8 hours […]