De-Cram Your Exams!

Of course you’re already prepping for exams–in fact, you’ve been studying for them since late January, right? Right……..

Well, you may still be tempted to cram your final “learning” into the couple of days just before and during exam week itself, hoping you’ll remember everything long enough to get you through.

Yes, that’s one way to do it, and for sure a rather popular one. But, face it, not a good one.

We at the Academic Success Center encourage you to de-cram your exams: start preparing now, even though you probably still have new material coming at you. You will be amazed by how much more you learn and retain.

This link will take you to the ASC’s “De-Cram Your Exams Resources” page, which is chock-full of information, suggestions, planning tools, and links to other resources. Just clicking to it will break the procrastination ice and get you started toward a solid end to the semester.

And here’s a link to the ASC’s “Student Resources” page, a complete set of study tips and strategies to help you now and anytime during any semester.

Best wishes for semester’s end and the summer ahead.

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