Where to study? No worries…


What does this word mean to you? Does it involve a TV or your iPod? 

If you’re like me, sometimes I avoid this word/action at all costs. But, in reality, that is why we are at Hope, to learn… which, for most people, means studying.

This week I had a million tests and midterms, huge papers, books to read, lab reports to write, etc. I feel like a turtle inside my shell. I haven’t come out in so long! Yesterday, I was in the library basement for seven hours doing organic chemistry…Ya. I know.

Last weekend, I studied exponentially. My friend, Hannah, is a lovely tour guide, and while I had just finished an assignment and needed to run to the main floor of the library to print out a report, she brought a tour group of prospective students up to the second floor.

I’m sure they were absolutely terrified. Here was a student, on a Saturday afternoon, in full sweats, hair tousled, weary, and probably hadn’t eaten in hours. I felt like an ogre coming out of my cave. Welcome to College.

I like to study quietly. So here are a few of my favorite “quiet” places to study. Don’t give away my secrets…

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Published by Amanda Porter

Hi! I'm Amanda. I'm from Traverse City, Mi and I'm a Junior Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major. I do research for the Fraley lab on the gut bacterial ecology of Pekin ducks and I work for the Chemistry department! Aspiring Neurosurgeon and LOVE to learn in all situations. Follow me on Twitter! @hopeamanda15