Weekend in Paradise

Hey Everyone!

In light of my last blog about the snow, I thought I would write about the sunshine. I hope you had a wonderful week! We only had a three-day
school week because of Winter Break. On Friday my friend Grace and I decided to
travel down to Florida to get away for the break. Last year we vacationed in
Marco Island, FL, but this we ventured to St. Pete, FL, and we could not have
asked for nicer weather. It was upper 70’s/low 80’s and sunny every day. The
beach was absolutely beautiful with its white sand and gorgeous sunsets. During
the day Grace and I laid out by the pool, which also overlooked the beach. We read
some books and soaked up some wonderful Vitamin D. We also ran along the beach
everyday which was incredible. I loved listening to the waves crash and
watching my feet indent the sand as I strode along the shore. During the sunset
we sat on beach chairs on the sand while reading our Bible and journaling. The break
came at the perfect time, and it was great to take time to reflect and think.

After the sun would set we ventured out to try different
restaurant every night. The food was incredible and the restaurant environments
were a lot of fun. After we ate dinner, we made our way back into the hotel’s
hot tub and met some interesting people.

Overall, I had an incredible winter break. I am so thankful
for the opportunity I had to be in Florida with Grace. I am already looking
forward to our trip next year!

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Published by Colleen Quick

My name is Colleen and I'm from Springfield, IL and am a Senior this year! I am studying International Business and Spanish. I have been involved with a variety of groups and activities on campus such as: Business Club, Student Alumni Leadership Council, Volunteer Services Committee, Student Congress, Mortar Board, Intramurals, HEI, Dance Marathon, and other activities. I love Hope College and the people here! So blessed to be living in Holland and attending Hope :]